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Following every election since 2002, former Mayor and my very good friend Steve Lampi and I would meet for lunch and he would ask me to consider running for City Council. And every time I would tell him “no”. Elections are hard, but being in office is harder, and it was “prime time” for my family during those years, meaning my kids growing up and I didn’t want to miss it.

After the election of 2010 we had that same lunch meeting and he asked me again. But this time things were different, I had been giving it some thought, and I told him “maybe”. That weekend I met with my family asking their permission, which they gave me. I called Steve and told him of my decision to run and he and his wife Kathy were my very first donors.

Sadly, just weeks later my friend passed away. I saw him just a few days before his passing and got to say my last good bye, for now.

I ran in 2012 because of him and wanted to make sure we did good things for our community, as he would have wanted. We didn’t see eye to eye on everything but we would convince each other, at times, of the value of our position and occasionally changed our minds because of it.

My themes have been “Good Jobs, Lower Crime, Better Image”. We succeeded beyond anything I thought we could do in four years. The growth and improvements we’ve seen is nothing short of phenomenal.

Over the past four years we changed the business climate and how we looked at development in the 610 area. The changes we made and the attitude change opened up the opportunities for new businesses to come to us. I personally recruited the new Hyvee store to Brooklyn Park and take great pride in the fact we’re building it here and not in Maple Grove.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge is coming to our city despite the fact so many fought against it, often with arguments that made no sense. But after it was initially turned down I kept in contact with the owners and continued to encourage them to “not give up on Brooklyn Park”. Today they’re moving dirt on the new construction.

Our city has added several thousand new jobs, and Hyvee will add another 600-700. We are seing the fulfillment of that “Good Jobs” goal.

Crime is at a thirty year low and it’s because we have such excellent leadership in our new police chief. A steady hand at the helm who manages our police department in a way that leads to good community engagement and involvement.

And image, one of the largest concerns we as home owners face. The numbers don’t lie and they tell the story of a community that believes in itself more than ever, as evidenced by last year’s community survey. Along with that homes are selling and values are increasing (almost 5% last year), two more signs of our improved community image.

In the end, the last four years have been successful, we have moved the needle significantly. We also led the battle against never-ending years of massive overspending by our previous administration.

We saw so many new things come to our community including the Athlos Academy, the Noble Academy, Olympus, PrairieCare, Wurth-Adams, the new Doran luxury apartments, the Edinburgh USA revitalization, the new Menard’s store (with a better design than they tried to force on our community at the beginning), and so many more things.

No one over the past four years has stood for taxpayers more than I have, fighting to reduce spending, looking out for every resident no matter their economic status, origin, age, etc. Everyone matters. I’ve investigated issues more than anyone else, including driving to Des Moine and Omaha to visit potential developments.

While we’ve moved the needle in significant ways it has also taken a toll. I run a fast-growing business on behalf of an ownership group. We started this business in 2011 and in 2015 was named to the Inc. Magazine list of Fastest Growing Privately-held companies in America, #154 in the nation and #2 in Minnesota. Running this fast-growing company requires a lot of time, something that gets increasingly difficult as a council member.

It’s also taken some toll on my health, something that I have to attend to given we are expecting our first grandbaby later this year.

So we’ve come to a conclusion that was both difficult, but in the end, easy. I will not be running for re-election this year.

Asking for this position in 2012 was never about ego or power, it was always about doing what was best for our community and that is what I believe I’ve done every minute I’ve been in this position. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time.

Now it’s time to attend to what’s most important, family, health and business.

I appreciate the support you’ve all given me these past four years and always wish the best for you and our community.

Filing for the 2016 election begins on May 17th. I’d like to encourage anyone who is interested in running to contact our City Clerk on that day for information and a packet.

It is specifically important that we have a candidate who has been involved in our community, who has volunteered perhaps on city committees and knows both the city and our history.

It’s also important that we have a candidate who isn’t driven by ideology or by a political party. As a city council member you are there to represent all residents, not just certain groups. And we need someone who understands that they have to look at all sides of an issue before making a decision, not someone who owes their allegiance to an endorsement. The last thing our city needs is someone who wants to impose Minneapolis political “values” on Brooklyn Park, as we’re seeing with some who have announced to date.

Brooklyn Park is a uniquely wonderful city. It’s people are caring and understanding, they are people who want to live together in harmony for the common goal of a peaceful, growing community. I have enjoyed my years of volunteering, of being your State Representative, and as your West District City Council member. Thank you for the honor and the opportunity to serve you.

Dear Neighbors,

It’s been an honor to serve as your Brooklyn Park West District City Council member.

When asking for your vote I told you I’d work on three things, “Good Jobs, Lower Crime and Better Image.” Results matter, and I’m proud to say we have delivered.


Good Jobs

Since 2013, we’ve added approximately 3,000 jobs to our community. We’ve seen an explosion of growth that makes the rest of the region envious. We’ve seen several quality companies build in our city with many more on the way.  Some of these companies include Olympus Technologies, Wurth Adams, Prairie Care, Perbix, Nilfisk, Doran Company’s 610 West project, Carmax, Stone Mountain Pet Lodge (2016), and Hy-Vee (something I personally recruited to our city, coming in 2016).  Setting the right tone, creating the right business atmosphere, and putting the right policies in place have all helped bring more good jobs to Brooklyn Park.

bp-police-webLower Crime

In 2015, Brooklyn Park saw the lowest number of reported crimes since 1986. Our police department is engaged with youth, using new tools and creating better relationships in order to reduce crime further. I supported both the communication recommendations of the Public Safety Advisory Task force and the neighborhoods program that help reach people in new and diverse ways.

Better Image

According to the 2015 community survey, our image has improved dramatically. Homes are selling, values are increasing and residents are feeling good about our city. According to the survey, 91% are “Proud to Live in Brooklyn Park.”

As part of our continued success, I’m leading a visionary group of residents – the Signature Event task force – to help envision and develop a new recreational facility.

Direction of City

A residential study by The Morris Leatherman Company

Right Direction
  • 60%
  • 70%
  • 83%
  • 86%
Perceptions of Brooklyn Park

A residential study by The Morris Leatherman Company

Proud to Live
  • 80%
  • 90%
  • 91%
Opportunities to Succeed
  • 72%
  • 90%
  • 91%
Thriving Community
  • 74%
  • 88%
  • 92%
John testing new technology at the grand opening of Olympus Surgical Technologies.
John testing new technology at the grand opening of Olympus Surgical Technologies.
John welcomes the Liberian Ambassador to Brooklyn Park.
John welcomes the Liberian Ambassador to Brooklyn Park.

As your representative, I’ve been your voice of reason on the council, always looking to investigate all sides of an issue and work with my fellow council members to find positive solutions to issues facing our community. I’ve driven to Des Moines and Omaha to seek out new development opportunities for our community and have fought to change an outdated development plan, leading to many of the successes we see today on Highway 610.

Along with fellow West District Council Member Bob Mata, we’ve worked extremely hard to bring spending under control. I have yet to support an annual budget that increases year over year, working with our City Manager to reign in the previous years massive budget increases.

There is more to do and that’s why I am asking for your support. If you give me the honor of re-election, I will continue to work to make our city a place you can be proud of, one that is growing and thriving, and one where we can always feel safe.

On November 8, I respectfully ask for your vote for re-election.

John Jordan

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About John

  • Married to Michelle for over thirty five years, father of two children
  • Active Member of Brooklyn Park’s Edinbrook Church
The Jordan Family
The Jordan Family

Community Experience

  • Brooklyn Park City Council Member
  • Brooklyn Park Economic Development Authority, Member
  • Brooklyn Park Signature Event Area Task Force, Chair
  • Council Liaison – Planning Commission
  • Council Liaison – Citizen Long-range Improvement Committee
  • Council Liaisan – City Audit Committee
  • Council Liaisan – Edinburgh USA Committee
  • Brooklyn Park Tater Daze Volunteer
  • Brooklyn Park Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast (former)
  • Minnesota State Representative (former)

Business Experience

  • Director – Zerbee, LLC (#154 in 2015 Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America, having led two different companies to this distinction in the past six years)
  • Internet Marketing professional since 1995
  • Internet pioneer and innovator, inventor, recognized national online leader


I am proud to support John Jordan for re-election.  He promised “Good Jobs, Lower Crime and Better Image” and he delivered on them.  You know what you are getting with John and he works hard for everyone!  His vision for the future of Brooklyn Park is just what we need as we continue on this path for smart development and being a place where people love to be.

Tina Carstens, Brooklyn Park Resident, Former Commissioner, Shingle Creek and West Mississippi Watershed Management Commissions

Four years ago I said John Jordan offers us a positive, experienced and bold candidate to represent Brooklyn Park’s West District on the city council. Almost four years later I can say he delivered. He has delivered with leadership to be proud of, dedication to our residents and a desire to dig deep into the issues facing our community. Please join me in supporting John for re-election.

Brian Rogers, Brooklyn Park Recreation and Parks Commission, Former Chair

I strongly support John Jordan for re-election to the Brooklyn Park city council. I have known Council member Jordan since I became a business man. He has worked in and understands large and small business better than anyone I have met. I trust in his ability to make decisions for my business, my neighborhood and my family.
I believe we need a strong presence like John. He makes well educated decisions. I believe John is a leader and people trust good leaders. I like the vision he has for our city and I appreciate his willingness to really do the work it takes to make an educated decision.

If you want to see a council member who will listen to the needs of the people and stand strong against the things he believes are not in our best interests, John Jordan is the one I trust.

Jim Stone, Sweet Taste of Italy, Owner

I have appreciated John’s leadership on the council, his ability to dig deep into issues and find solutions that work for all of us. We have worked well as a team together, representing both the people of the West District and the rest of Brooklyn Park. I would wholeheartedly ask you to support John for re-election.

Bob Mata, West District City Council Member

John works tirelessly to research issues in our city and advocates in bringing the best development possible to Brooklyn Park. I saw this first hand during the process of bringing Hy-Vee to Brooklyn Park. He reached out to Hy-Vee to encourage them to give us a look for development when Maple Grove turned them down. He researched Hy-Vee as a business and communicated with residents and other Councilmembers the benefits this business will bring to Brooklyn Park and to get them to understand the importance of Hy-vee bringing hundreds of jobs to Brooklyn Park, some of these jobs will be perfect for our youth and elderly!

I ask for your vote for John for City Council, let’s continue the work of bringing good development and jobs to Brooklyn Park!

Amy Hanson, Brooklyn Park Planning Commission, Vice Chair

I am thankful that John Jordan is on our city council and look forward to his re-election to continue the work he has set forth. He does his due diligence when researching on an issue is warranted. I appreciate his previous experience in the legislature and his long-term commitment to making Brooklyn Park a better place for all of us.

Kelly Janssen, Former Brooklyn Park Recreation and Park Commissioner