5 Hacks to Optimize Your Landing Page


Landing Page Optimization

If you have a business, it is not only imperative that you have a website, but that you have a website that arrests consumer attention. Your landing page is a great way to not only strengthen your brand, but also acts as the most important step in your marketing funnel, because it contributes to your demand generation and future sales conversion.

How can I make my landing page work for me?

A landing page is meant to be a stopping point for prospective consumers to learn about your product/service. Every pixel on the page should serve as a viable method to increase conversions and sales. Your purpose must be clear and your value proposition explicitly stated.

Ideally, your landing page should be broken down into detailed page types including:

    • Company and brand pages
    • Services
    • Category and product level
    • Contact
    • Blog/news/articles
    • Cornerstone/evergreen/hero content

Step 1: Highlight your value proposition

Remember, the value proposition should very explicitly answer the question:

If I am [your prospective customer], why should I [take this action] rather than [any alternative action]?

For example…

If I am [a marathon runner], why should I [buy your running shoes], rather than [buying running shoes on Amazon]?

What can your customers get from you that they can’t get from your competitors?

Step 2: Ensure there is clear language where you want customers to take action

Above all, err on the side of conciseness. Conciseness is valued in landing pages. It is vital the consumer is able to quickly and clearly understand the pitch, but not have to dig for information. The purpose is to:

  • Support the macro-conversion (sale)
  • Increase average order values
  • Maintain (or increase) the prospect’s velocity through the marketing funnel

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to experiment

Above all, test everything! From the color of your call-to-action buttons, number of form fields, hero image appearance, menu position. You will be surprised how a collection of seemingly small changes can improve the relative performance of your conversion rates.

Step 4: Foster an environment of trust

Trust indicators and evidentials like statistics, customer testimonials, client logos, etc. give visitors a preview of the quality they can expect. Consequently, this can ease potential anxiety about doing business with you.

Step 5: Every pixel (in every picture) should point toward your value proposition

In the first few seconds a visitor spends on your landing page, images may matter more than the headline copy on the page. Imagine if you removed the words from the landing page…do the images on the page point toward the value you provide?

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re able to paint a visual story, you can bring out the right cocktail of emotions to influence the action visitors take. It’s important all images used in the landing page, from the header image to the those used within the page, are in sync with the content to make the messages stand out. Image + content = conversion.

How can we help?

If you don’t currently have a landing page or any web presence, John Jordan Digital Marketing can help you get started. John will use a systematic methodology for increasing the probability of conversions on your website to apply the critical theories of offer response optimization. These include techniques for creating compelling offers. Which will consequently increase the response rate and number of times people engage with your digital environment.

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