5 Hacks to Optimize Your Landing Page

If you have a business, it is not only imperative that you have a website, but that you have a website that arrests consumer attention.

Your landing page is a great way to not only strengthen your brand, but also acts as the most important step in your marketing funnel.


The #1 Reason You Need a Value Proposition

If you understand the unique needs of your customers, you have all the tools you need to create a great value proposition.

Your value proposition is not just hypothetical, it needs to be brought into every aspect of your marketing, including your email marketing.


How to Optimize Your Google Quality Score

If you have a high Google Quality Score, you can maximize your ad spend and rest assured that people who click on your ad are truly interested in what they will find on your page.

It helps to ensure that you are receiving qualified leads and not wasting ad spend on those outside your target market.


War Games for the Email Marketer

For the email marketer, simulating or testing a campaign prior to the full send can result in improved open, click and conversion rates, as well as protect the relationship you have earned with your customer by validating the value you are communicating in the email is relevant and important to them, resulting in lower unsubscribe rates.

For the email marketer, create space in your calendar to do a retrospective review of campaign performance; not just in terms of numerical results, but ask yourself the question, “what did we learn about our customer in that test that we can apply moving forward?”